Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance



 Payroll Services as Tax Compliance


GP Consult as a tax consulting company that provides a variety of tax services can help your company to solve tax problems such as payroll services, filling, and many others. Our Advisory Team provides solutions for your company in terms of tax compliance, one of which concerns payroll problems for employees which include regular monthly payroll or every certain period, making monthly payroll reports and employee tax reporting. In other words, we manage payroll reporting from the beginning to the last payroll process including printing and administration of payroll slips. With in-depth knowledge and experience regarding payroll services, we will help you to:  


Monthly Tax Compliance :

  1. - Payroll Services
      Payroll Services provides premium, across-the-board outsource solutions to businesses of all sizes.
      These payroll services include: payroll processing, human capital management, insurance, time and labor management
  2. - Monthly Tax Service for Article 21, 23, 25, 26 & 4(2)
  3. - VAT Tax Service

Annual Tax Compliance :

  • - Indivial Tax Return 
  • - Corproate Income Tax Return 
  • - Assisting Prepare 1721 - A1 for Periode December 
  • - Transfer Pricing Documentation (Master file / Local File / CbCR


Why Choose Us?

GP Consult is managed by highly experienced practitioners who are licensed by Indonesian Tax Consultants & Tax Lawyers. We have served various national and multi-national clients from various industries, including manufacturing, trading, mining, banking, financial services, telecommunications, service providers, power suppliers, property developers, pharmaceuticals, heavy machinery, restaurants, hotels, etc. With the experience we have, you can trust us in managing your company's payroll services.

Further information, we also provide another service of the tax such as tax litigation, tax management strategic and other services.

So, are you interested in our payroll services?